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User Feedback

Karl Foley, Compton, California

Writing you here to say that this is one of the best collection of plans I've seen. I have been able to build a few wooden toys for my grandson. It's a great feeling knowing you made something by hand and it's always fun to show off your craftsmanship.

Brian Simpson, Ruidoso, New Mexico

Great projects with clear instructions. I've gotten an enormous feeling of accomplishment & pride from making my own bookshelves, side tables, chairs, & lots of mistakes during the process. Besides, if you can find good wood at a good price, these projects are a lot less expensive but a lot nicer than anything you can buy in a store.

Andrew Pally, Hayden, Idaho

Just downloaded all the free printable plans. I'm going to try out a couple of outdoor projects on the weekend with my son Max. Thanks for all the help!